No, this is not about the hurricane off the east coast. But it is about distribution issues. All over the world relief agencies send food to countries with starving people, but it never reaches its intended target audience. Corrupt governments and inefficiency contribute to an already distressing issue. Then there is Puerto Rico, in our own back yard. After hurricane Maria deviststed the island 20,000 bottles of water sat on the docks waiting to be distributed. Doesn’t sound like much in the grand scheme of things, but 20,000 bottles of water could be the difference between life and death.

Can you imagine, desperately needing water and not being able to get to it?  Jesus said that he is the living water, and anyone who drinks from him will never thirst again. Thirsty people all over the world and in our own backyard, desperately need what Jesus has to offer, but there is a distribution problem. There are too many Christian enjoying the refreshing waters of life but are not willing to share it with their neighbors, their friends. It’s an outrage when FEMA fails to deliver bottles of water, how much more an outrage if the Church fails to distribute the living water. I’m just saying…

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