Ruth Herron

Administrative Assistant

I was born in Dayton to Rev. Richard & Miriam Hedges. I grew up as a “preacher’s kid”, which to me meant I was always under a microscope. My dad was not home much. He always seemed to be doing church stuff. We moved to Lima at the start of my seventh-grade year. That first summer, I went to summer camp and it was there that I accepted Christ. I thought life would be better after that summer, but I was wrong. I spent my middle and high school years trying to find acceptance and belonging. The summer after I graduated from high school, we moved to Van Wert. I started college that fall at Bluffton. My college years were ones of rebellion. I finally felt that I was free of the microscope. I am not sure how I kept my grades up since I was out late almost every night. During my junior year, my dad had some serious health issues and had to step down from the ministry. My parents ended up moving back to Lima. My senior year, I met Greg. I could tell he was not like all the other guys that I had been hanging around with. Something was different. We had our first date at the Bluffton Christmas dance. That same weekend, I received a call from my mom that my dad had been taken to the hospital. My father was in a coma and later that night passed away due to congested heart failure. His death turned my world upside down. I became very bitter. Greg and I got married a year and a half later. We both came into the marriage with a great deal of baggage, that put our relationship on a hard road for many years. We finally sought counseling that helped us both deal with our “stuff.” I was finally able to forgive my dad. Today, we have been married for almost 35 years and have 3 children- two daughters and one son. We also have 6 grandchildren-five boys and one girl. Greg and I both have a heart for serving and ministry. We serve in many capacities at the church and in the community. We can’t wait to see what God has in store for us for the next 35 years!