Lindsay Clevidence

Co-Director | Children's Ministries

I grew up in a home where my mother was a strong believer in Christ and took us to church regularly. My father was not a church goer but was not against us going or believing.

At the age of 6 I can remember being at a vacation Bible school and hearing the gospel message taught and feeling a deep conviction that I needed to accept Christ as my savior.  After that time I remember thinking that Jesus had done so much for me I wanted to devote my life to serving him.

Since childhood I have always had a deep passion for serving the Lord.  I wasn’t always perfect and have made many mistakes along the way that God has used to lead me closer to him.

I was married with the agreement that we would go to the mission field. However, a few months later my husband felt God calling him to serve here. So we became youth leaders at our local church.  The next couple of years were a struggle for me as my hopes and dreams of teaching God’s word to an unreached people group still remained strong.  I didn’t know what to do with those feelings.  I eventually ended up very depressed and without direction.  Eventually when I felt I had lost all hope, God brought me to my knees and helped me understand He accepted me whether I was serving in a foreign field or locally.

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Child Development, and God led me to work for Child Evangelism Fellowship.  I found a large unreached people group.  This provided incredible training for me to teach Christ to children who did not know him.  I got the privilege of be used by God to lead a number of children to Christ and sharing and encouraging a number of other children.

God then led me to Mission Possible where I was able to be a part of a Sponsorship program and help children in the country of Haiti.  Once we had our third child this became difficult and so I opted to spend a season at home babysitting. However, I missed working in ministry.  A part time position came open at our church for children’s ministry and I could see how God and been preparing me for this ministry opportunity.

I am currently Co-Director, so that I can work part time and have time for my children.  I have a passion for seeing children know Christ and receive excellent teaching from the church from people who are passionate about seeing children grow in their faith and have a solid foundation built on God’s word.

I am far from perfect in my faith but I continue to read and study the Bible regularly so that I may continue keeping my focus on Him and remember that everything I do I should do as unto the Lord so that ultimately it is for His glory.


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