I voted today. Shirley’s popcorn unveiled four new flavors created by their employees. Customers could come in and vote for their favorite. There was dill and cheddar, chocolate and raspberry, chocolate and something else, and the chocolate volcano (it was hot). Very seldom can you go wrong with chocolate, but when I cast my vote it was for…well that’s a secret.

I like popcorn and Rebecca makes the best Carmel Popcorn around. It takes a long time to prepare so I settle for the simple, plain variety with lots of salt and butter, MMMMMM. There is a secret to popping good popcorn. It’s all about timing. Pop it to quick and you leave half of the seeds in the bottom, and the first ones are usually small. Pop it too long, trying to get that stubborn last kernel and you can burn the whole pot. The challenge is that the kernels pop at different rates. Something to do with the amount of moister in each kernel. It takes a discerning ear to listen for the right moment when most have popped, but none have started to burn. 

People are like popcorn, at least when it comes to spiritual matters. We all pop differently. When some people become Christians God calls them into active ministry and they grow quickly in their faith. Then there are those who take forever to grow. It would seem that they are duds and then…POP! Frustration is a word to use when dealing with slow poppers. But God grows and uses people in His timing.  (A word of caution. If you say you haven’t popped yet, then you are aware of the need to pop and you are using it as an excuse).

When people pop it is the most exciting moment. They get it. They understand what God is doing and are ready to be available for whatever he wants. They are disciples looking to follow their master. Seeking the kingdom becomes their first priority. The wants of the world begin to fade, and the hope of Jesus is all consuming. I am not talking perfection, but persistence, and dependence on the Holy Spirit becomes a way of life.

Have you popped? …I’m just saying. 

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