We believe service is life changing — whether in the church, local community, or around the world. God calls us to be generous with our time and resources in order to glorify Him. Find out how you can do your part. We believe God called us to be disciples to all. Discipleship requires us to reach out beyond the aisles. Learning and growing together as a group of believers is a great first step, but not the only step. God uses others to help you grow when fully involved in the life of church. He also uses you to help others grow. As we go out into the world, take the time to develop relationships with those you interact with, and, when the timing is right, invite them to take the appropriate next step towards Jesus.

The following information is needed by the Missions Committee of the St. John Mennonite Church (SJM). This committee meets monthly and is charged with the responsibility of missionary support levels and general missionary oversight for the church.
(If married, both husband and wife should fill out an application).

Personal Information:

Names of Children (in Birth Order)


General Health:

Status With Mission:

Support Level Recommended by Mission Association:

Personal Testimony:

Ministry Goals:

Required Statements:

Missionary Partner Directory

Website: Click to View

Mark & Diane Brown

CRU CRU Indy Twenties in Indianapolis
Website: Click to View

Dale & Jody Davis

ABWE, Bangladesh
Website: Click to View Blog: Click to View

Jared & Amy Diller

Executive Director YFC of Northwest Ohio
Website: Click to View

Brad & Debbie Dukes

CRU, University of Toledo
Website: Click to View

Sarah Elsea

Child Evangelism Fellowship, Findlay area
Website: Click to View

Bill Glass

Behind the Walls
Website: Click to View

Stacy Gratz

Findlay City Life Director YFC of Northwest Ohio
Website: Click to View

Dwight & Letty Grismore

Cadence, AFNorth
Website: Click to View

Justin & Elya Kantner

SIM International, Paraguay
Website: Click to View

Andy & Pam LaBreche

United World Mission with CIT, North Carolina
Website: Click to View

Rick & Lori Lampen

World Gospel Mission – Marion, Indiana
Website: Click to View

Pandora-Gilboa Lifewise

Pandora-Gilboa Lifewise Academy Lifewise Academy
Website: Lifewise Academy

David Lugibihl

Chaplain Transport for Christ Chapels – Beaverdam, Ohio
Website: https://tfcglobal.org/

Trey Manley

YFC of Northwest Ohio – Rally Point, City Life
Website: https://www.yfcnwoh.org/

Justin & Hannah Mast

CRU – Ljubljana, Slovenia
Website: https://www.cru.org/

Darren Morrison

Mission Possible
Website: Click to View

Ethan & Camille Reichenbach

Wycliffe Bible Translators, Papua New Guinea
Website: Click to View Blog: Click to View

Jim & Kelly Ridge

Besor Ravine Ministries

Jayne Russell

SEND International
Website: Click to View
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