Adult Ministries

Adult Ministries

2019 ABF Series 1 John by Mark Driscoll –

1 John Student Guide

SJM desires to reach men of all ages with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We offer special events, discipleship programs, and small group Bible studies that provide fellowship, accountability, and spiritual growth. Through these activities, we seek to encourage and equip men to become godly men and spiritual leaders in their homes, neighborhoods, and churches. As men become of aware of their identities in God through these opportunities, they have the tools needed to become spiritual leaders to reach other men in their community


The heart of SJM Women’s Ministries is to transform women of all ages through the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Inward Growth and Outward Reach.  We offer authentic connections through small group Bible studies, service opportunities, and special events. Through the fellowship, accountability, and spiritual growth that women’s ministries provide, women are empowered to live out God’s purpose for their lives. Women are encouraged to use their God-given gifts to glorify God, and they are equipped to become godly women in their homes, church, and to influence other women in their community.


Are you facing a trial? Are you at the point of not knowing what to do? Has your marriage hit a dry patch? Then you are not alone. We all go through difficult times of life that make us feel hurt, confused, stuck or battling. We may not be able to alter the path but we can make sure no one walks it alone. The heart of Connected is to walk alongside you in the midst of your struggle and help you find hope and healing, no matter the challenges you are facing.

St John Mennonite offers various ministries that provide encouragement, biblical guidance, accountability, marriage mentoring, prayer, and hope. We desire to connect people to the life-transforming power of Jesus Christ, other believers, and the life of the church.

If you attend St. John and find yourself in a difficult life circumstance, your first step is to schedule an appointment for an assessment. The assessment will be done with the Biblical Counselor on staff and is designed to evaluate your current need. We will take time to hear your story and then connect you with the ministry or ministries that best meets your need.

To schedule an assessment, contact the Biblical Counselor at or contact the church office at 419-384-3680.





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