I am so glad my son came this weekend. Even though he hasn’t ever put up drywall, he is very exacting. We would pump this project out in no time. The first night was exhausting, we didn’t put up nearly as much drywall as we expected. I guess I hadn’t thought too much about prep-work. He, on the other hand, wanted to make sure we did it right and so most of the evening was about set up, and sweat. Ok, the next day would be better.

It was definitely cooler. The attic was only in the low 90’s. we waited for the evening to begin. The work light was set up, tools were located, and the drywall was measured and cut. Or should I say was measured, measured, and measured then cut. From the garage to the loft we forgot the measurements. It was going to be one of those nights. I should have known when we measured from stud to stud only to find they weren’t all 16 on center. That made lining everything up a little more challenging. By the end of the evening we were drenched again, and had run out of drywall. My son was leaving the next day.

We got up early and went to Menards, bought more drywall, mud, and tape, lots of tape.  It took us another three hours to put up five pieces of drywall. I don’t know what kind of record that is but we stepped back, proud of our accomplishment, all the crooked cuts, jagged edges, and shorted areas. It was one of the most enjoyable times I have had with my son in a long time. 

Too much parenting today is about running your children from one activity to another. You spend quality time with them while you travel inbetween stuff. If we aren’t careful the church can contribute to the problem. Parents need to do less for their children and do more with them. It might take longer but the time and experience will be rewarded ten fold.  

This weekend we sat on the front porch and did nothing but talk about life and dreams, and about what God was doing in their lives. It was hard to see them drive off, but I know they rest secure in their Heavenly Father’s hands. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I, just saying…

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