Rebecca was straightening her office and asked if I would move the internet modem. You wouldn’t think it that big of a deal, but I had to disconnect it in order to move it. It was a nightmare to get my internet service in the first place. Just thinking about pulling the plug sent chills down my back (hyperbole). What if it doesn’t work when I plug it back in? What if we are disconnected from the world for a second time? 

Think about it. We have email, Facebook, weather, google maps, Snapchat (whatever that is), and of course online shopping. What’s even worse is that Alexa would be disconnected and I would have to turn a light switch myself! Just the thought of it frightens me (more hyperbole).

What if, and I am just brainstorming here. What if I worried this much about being disconnected from God? Paul tells us that we are to pray without ceasing. It’s the constant connection through the Spirit that gives us our direct line to the Father. It’s also the least used, not because the signal is bad, but because we’re not plugged in.

What’s great is that God’s signal is always available and He doesn’t penalize us for using up too much bandwidth. In fact prayer is the fastest form of communication ever developed. But when we don’t use it, speed doesn’t matter. Three ways to help stay connected:

Pray. Start talking to God. I know, sometimes it seems one sided, but until you develop a spiritual sensitivity to the Spirit, you will never hear his still quiet voice. Set aside time and pray. 

 Read your Bible. It’s all about what God wants you to know, about him and about life. Reading a verse a day is great, but slowing down and digesting the word is necessary to be connected to God.

Meditate. This is different than prayer. Meditation takes the word of God and mulls it over in your mind. You think about it when you wake, when you work, and when you go to bed. Meditation allows the Spirit of God to work through His word to speak to your heart.  

By the way, I got my internet moved, restarted and I’m online. Just saying… 

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